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 Still recruiting?

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Still recruiting? Empty
PostSubject: Still recruiting?   Still recruiting? EmptyTue Aug 05, 2008 11:41 pm

oi ive been playin a while (again) and im thinking 'bout joinin a clan, a serious one that doesn't mess thing up

Age: 18
Game Name: cRankface.(Xtreme)
Xfire: errorboy
Previous Clans: Rifle Division (1y ago)
Are You Signed Up On CB/TWL: ?
How Did You Hear About Us: ive been playin on the home server of 'pxG.
Anything You Want To Add: country: Belgium

i would appreciate it if i can join, if not i will show me skills if asked..

Still recruiting? 4a7a750d90c7d6d500a6231jq9
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Still recruiting?
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